Monday, April 12, 2010


I just got back from the doctor. It turns out that in order to have the non-invasive procedure, I would have to wait months for my insurance company to approve it. So I decided to have the UFE.

It is a 2-day hospital stay. After reading all the literature they gave me to show what they are going to do, and what the pain is going to be afterward, I am in a nervous state! They said the post op pain is so bad that I have to have an epidural, because an IV is not enough. The pain medicine has to go directly into my spine.

The recovery time will be around 2 weeks. There is no one to do my job but me. I was training my sister, but she can not do it alone yet. I'm not sure what to do about this problem. No payroll, no bank deposits? No bills paid?

I feel sick. Surgery is early tomorrow morning.

Today is nowhere near a normal day of Atkins eating! I had a good breakfast, a bar and a shake for lunch, and then as we were leaving the hospital, I was upset in my stomach from nerves and wanted to walk through the cafe and cafeteria and see if I could find something to snack on. Of course, all I could find was chocolate cake, pie, sandwiches, fried chicken nuggets and such.

I was so tempted to soothe my nerves with a brownie or a piece of lemon meringue pie, but I knew I would be sorry later. Then I spied sugar free jello, so Bill and I had some of that.

Tonight, I decided not to try to track on fitday, but to just eat what I want (Atkins-friendly), because I will probably not eat at all tomorrow. So I had turkey Italian sausage with mayo and mustard dip, and chunked raw tomatoes with sea salt, and a piece of Muenster cheese. I'm still hungry, so I'm thinking about a chocolate MIM with whipped cream and some chopped pecans.

I have to stop eating at midnight.

One thing I hate about being post op is that you have to wait for the pain to be unbearable again before they will give you more drugs.

I found out today that I get a pump that I can control to dispense drugs into my epidural catheter. I've never had that before. I hope I don't abuse it!
Every now and then, a person will post and say that they are going into the hospital and want to know what to do about Atkins while they are there.

I'm going into the hospital tomorrow morning for surgery and I will be there for two days. I'm going to eat whatever they give me.

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