Thursday, April 29, 2010


To round off my eating yesterday, I had 6 oz. of roast pork with 1 Tbs. butter and sea salt, 8 oz. (raw weight) of oven roasted broccoli with olive oil, cumin, marjoram and sea salt, 3.4 oz. canned pumpkin with heavy cream and Stevia, and 2 Tbs. full milk Greek yogurt with 1.2 oz. strawberries and Stevia.

I ate so light early in the day that I had to make up for it with a gigantic dinner. I just need to keep my nutrition up. But I was still so sick to my stomach, I had Pepto Bismol 3 times yesterday.

And even though I went to bed with a book and melatonin at 9:30, I could not fall asleep, and I woke up in the middle of the night when I had fallen asleep. Not a good night!

From the time I got up yesterday until the time I got up today, I have lost 0.4 pounds. Here is what I ate yesterday:

1971 calories
149.4g fat (68.2%)
117.9g protein
38.8g total carbs
13.8g fiber
25g net carbs, of which 14.9g came from veggies

According to the scale, I have lost 6.8 pounds in the past 7 days.
According to my 1-week average, I have lost 5.8 pounds in the past 7 days.
According to my 4-week average, I have lost 0.1 pounds in the past 7 days.

146.4 - 04/22
146.0 - 04/23
142.0 - 04/24
142.0 - 04/25
141.8 - 04/26
140.0 - 04/27
140.0 - 04/28
139.6 - 04/29

I am happy to report that I have taken no more Pepto since this morning and my tummy is fine!

I took a walk today, around the block twice, pushing a stroller with a wonderful 9-month old grandboy in it, and did not die! I was very winded and had to lie down for awhile, but not too bad. It was my first time out of the house or hospital in 16 days!

I then took a half block walk later with the same wonderful grandboy and also a wonderful 3 year old grandgirl. Got winded again, but not too bad.

I am pain free and have eaten all my food so far today. I still have absolutely no appetite, and at the moment I am going to try to force down dinner, but generally speaking, I think I am recovering nicely.

I'm even going to work tomorrow for a few hours! YAY!

Well, it's been an interesting day - I seem to have done a significant amount of recovery! I've eaten well, taken two walks and I'm feeling very well this evening. :0}

Bill was here for breakfast and lunch, but he was gone for dinner and I took the opportunity to "scrounge" - eating a little of this and little of that, whatever seemed tasty and would fulfill my nutrition needs, no matter how odd!

Here is what I ate today:

2 scrambled eggs, 1 Tbs. cream, 1/8 tsp. sea salt, 1/8 tsp. ground turmeric, cooked in 1 Tbs. butter
5.5 oz. raw cauliflower
1/2 Tbs. brick cheese

4 oz. (cooked weight) pork roast with sea salt and 1 tsp. butter
Salad - romaine lettuce, green pepper, avocado, parmesan cheese, with my homemade olive oil/live juice/crushed garlic salad dressing
1 oz. raw almonds

Dinner (kinda weird)
1 can sardines
1 large blueberry flaxmeal pancake with butter and SF maple syrup
6 oz. raw green pepper

2034 calories
150.1g fat (66.4%)
113.8g protein
57g carbs
28g fiber
4g sugar alcohols
25 net carbs, of which 14.6 were from veggies (all raw today)

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