Saturday, April 10, 2010


Well, here is another twist on that roller coaster: After more reading, I found out that I may not be a candidate for this other procedure because I have a large C-Section scar.

I just talked to the nurse. It is very possible that I will not be a candidate for the new procedure, due to my scarring.

She wants me to go ahead and have the MRI on Monday, and get a copy of it and bring it to the new doctor. I need to make an appointment with that doctor to discuss whether or not I can do this.

Here is one glitch, and one reason why people do not choose this option more often: Because it is a newer procedure, some insurance companies will not cover it, saying that it is "experimental". However, the nurse said she has had approvals from my insurance company for other patients. But the pre-approval period can take a few months. I'll be dead by then!

She said one option is for me to pay for it up front, and then hope the insurance will cover it later. The cost is $10,000. Hmmm... I don't think I'll be doing that option! HA!

So, if this does not work out, I will be back to getting the UFE, which is still a good option.

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