Tuesday, April 20, 2010


When I got home last night, I took a whirlpool bath AND a shower and now I feel like a human being again! And then I had another real bad pain episode.

At this moment, I am sitting in the ER in Chicago waiting for test results.

On April 13, I weighed 141.8 pounds.

On April 15, after the surgery and hospital stay, I weighed 150.4. Sigh. I gained 8.6 pounds in 2 days.

This morning, after another 5 day hospital stay, I weigh 146.4. So I lost some of the weight. I am still up 4.6 pounds since before the surgery. Lots of IV fluids and LOTS of drugs that cause weight gain.

Add to that that it was next to impossible to eat low carb high fat in the hospital this past week, so I just gave up.

Maybe I will go home today or tomorrow and be able to get back to my healthy eating!

I have gotten an MRI, chest xray and blood work done to see if I have a fibroid infarction, and if there is something wrong with my lungs. The doctor says he is more concerned with my lungs than the tumor. Maybe I will get out of here today and go back home with pain management.

I just had an absolutely lovely IV inserted in my arm, halfway between my wrist and my elbow. Here's a little bit of trivia: The most painful place to have an IV inserted on your whole body is in your arm, halfway between your wrist and your elbow.

A good thing and a bad thing:

Bad: The other day, while I was at the other hospital, I spoke to a doctor on the phone whom I had not met in person. He was going to give me some counsel, and before he did, he asked my age. I told him I was 54, and he said, "Well, if you were MY mom..."

Whatever, Doogie!

Good: At the other hospital, I looked horrible, had dirty hair, was all bloated up and pale, and a young nurse looked at my chart and said, "Are you really 54? You look a lot younger than that!"

That comment almost made up for the other one. Almost!

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