Wednesday, April 28, 2010


By the time evening came yesterday, my nausea was finally gone, and I spent a few hours on the phone with my sister telling her how to pay bills at the job.

I did not get in all my food, though. I had been so sick earlier in the day, I just couldn't catch up. I really tried to eat a 2-egg pumpkin in the evening, but I could only force myself to eat half of it, and I put the other half in the fridge for breakfast today.

I could not sleep last night for some reason, and after struggling to fall asleep until 1 am, I got up and took melatonin and that did the trick. I woke up this morning a little groggy (the melatonin should not have been taken that close to morning) and a little sick to my stomach. I have stopped taking the medicine that was making me sick, but someone told me it can take 78 hours for it to clear my system. I don't feel as sick as yesterday, so that's good!

I held steady at 140 pounds this morning. For just a second my digital bathroom scale flashed 139.8, and I got all excited, but then it went back to 140 and stuck.

Here is what I ate yesterday:

1752 calories
136.1g fat (69.9%)
99.2g protein
32.6g total carbs
18.7g fiber
13.9g net carbs, of which 9.7g came from veggies

According to the scale, I have lost 4.8 pounds in the past 7 days.
According to my 1-week average, I have lost 5.3 pounds in the past 7 days.
According to my 4-week average, I have gained 0.1 pounds in the past 7 days.

144.8 - 04/21
146.4 - 04/22
146.0 - 04/23
142.0 - 04/24
142.0 - 04/25
141.8 - 04/26
140.0 - 04/27
140.0 - 04/28

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