Sunday, April 25, 2010


My weight stayed at 142 this morning. I did not measure, which I usually do on Sunday, because I am still bloated from surgery. I'll measure next week. Here is what I ate yesterday:

2003 calories
153.2g fat (69%)
95.2g protein
60.2g total carbs
35.2g fiber
25g net carbs, of which 13.9g came from veggies

Pumpkin 2-egg MIM with 3 slices of bacon

Atkins bar, sardines, cauliflower with cucumber dill dip, Fage yogurt with Stevia and blueberries, butter and brick cheese

Broiled pork steak with butter and sea salt
Cauliflower with olive oil, marjoram and cumin

Heavy cream with Stevia

According to the scale, I have lost 6 pounds in the past 7 days.
According to my 1-week average, I have lost 1.6 pounds in the past 7 days.
According to my 4-week average, I have gained 0.5 pounds in the past 7 days.

148.0 - 04/18
147.2 - 04/19
146.4 - 04/20
144.8 - 04/21
146.4 - 04/22
146.0 - 04/23
142.0 - 04/24
142.0 - 04/25

In order for me to have a perfect day, it would look like this:

1999 calories
155g fat (69.8%)
105g protein
46g total carbs
21g fiber
25 net carbs

The problem with trying to hit these numbers is that I always seem to get more fiber than 21, and in order to stay at 1999 calories, I have to decrease something else to make room for the fiber. I usually decrease my protein.

I've been thinking that it might be a better idea to get the right amount of fat and protein each day, no matter how much fiber I get. So on days that I eat more fiber, the calories would be higher than 1999. But since it's fiber, having extra calories of it would not hurt me, because they just "pass through" anyway and should not effect my weight.

I have always wondered about this. When figuring out how many calories you have each day, should you really be adding in fiber calories? Do you have to "burn off" fiber calories, or are they "free"?

What would it be like if I only counted fat, protein and NET carbs toward my daily calories, instead of total carbs?

1915 calories
155g fat (72.3%)
105g protein
46g total carbs
21g fiber
25 net carbs

So to get myself back up to 1999 calories, I would have to change it to this:

1999 calories
155g fat (69.8%)
126g protein
46g total carbs
21g fiber
25 net carbs

But it's true that I have really been struggling to get in all that fat every day. I have been having to add 2 Tbs. of butter or oil to food to get it up that high. Plus, I feel like I get really small portions of protein, sometimes only 3 cooked ounces or less at a meal. Maybe this would be a better idea:

1913 calories
149g fat (70.1%)
118g protein
46g total carbs
21g fiber
25 net carbs

So I would be decreasing my fat by 6 grams, increasing my protein by 13 grams, and keeping the net carbs at 25.

I'm going to try this for a week or so and see what happens.

I'm feeling dizzy and feverish this morning, and I've got chills. My son and grandson are coming over this afternoon, and I was hoping to be up and around for their visit. I'm thinking I may be laying down all day.

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