Sunday, April 11, 2010


This coming week, it is my plan to eat this following way and see how it goes. This is what I ate the last 3 days of last week:

2,000 calories
155g fat (69.8%)
105g protein
46g total carbs
21g fiber
25g net carbs, of which at least 15 are from veggies

I had looked back on my charts and found that I did not do as well on only 12 veggie net carbs, so I am requiring of myself that I eat no less than 15 net carbs from veggies each day.

The fat is pretty high, and I am having to add quite a bit of fat to my meals in the form of olive oil, butter and avocado. If I lose again this week, I’m thinking about swapping just a little fat for a little protein next week and see if I can get away with it. I never thought I’d be thinking, “I just can’t eat any more butter!”
I had an odd experience at lunch today - We had flax pancakes for the first time, with butter and a little sugar free syrup, canned pumpkin with Stevia and cinnamon, and bacon. It was all really good.

Several hours later, it's 1 pm and my husband wants lunch. I was so not hungry. But I fixed us leftover pork with butter and sea salt, and a big salad made with romaine, spinach, celery, red cabbage, avocado and my own homemade salad dressing.

I ate the pork first, and sat down to relax with my big salad, took a couple of bites and was suddenly so full! That never happens to me!

I did force myself to eat it. I need the nutrition and the net carbs and fat and protein.

So, now it is 6 pm and my husband wants dinner. AARRGGHH!!! It is going to be steak with butter and blue cheese, and some sort of roasted veggie with olive oil and herbs.

I can't imagine eating again! Plus, I am starting to be in pain again, so that is making me just want to take a pain pill and go to bed!

I can't imagine why, after a year, I suddenly have no appetite. The last time my appetite disappeared, I was throwing up an hour later, because the loss of appetite was the first sign that I had gotten food poisoning. I hope that's not the case today!
I take vitamins and things 4 times per day. So to make sure that I get my water in, I just drink a 12 oz. glass of water with my pills that I take upon rising, another glass with the pills I take with breakfast, another glass at lunch time, another glass in mid afternoon, another glass with the pills I take at dinner time, and another glass with the pills I take at bedtime. That way I get 72 oz. per day.

But today, I did not set up my pills for the week in my big pill holder, so I did not take my breakfast pills. I ended up not drinking my water today the way I was supposed to.

I drank 12 oz. when I got up, but then nothing for the rest of the day until dinner. Now I'm trying to catch up! I've had three glasses since dinner, and now I'm going to have another with my bedtime pills. So I am short 12 oz. and I'm drinking it to close to bedtime.

I doubt I'll sleep through the night!

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