Saturday, January 1, 2011


Here are my results for the past year of Atkins:

January 1, 2010
142.6 lbs. on the scale
51.2 lbs. body fat - 35.9%
91.4 lbs. lean body mass - 64.1%
31.75" waist
13" neck
41.25" hips
25.3 BMI
0.50 waist-to-height ratio
0.77 waist-to-hip ratio

January 1, 2011
143.4 lbs. on the scale
46.3 lbs. body fat - 32.3%
97.1 lbs. lean body mass - 67.7%
30.375" waist
12.5" neck
39.25" hips
25.5 BMI
0.48 waist-to-height ratio
0.77 waist-to-hip ratio

So, in the past 365 days, I have:

Gained 0.8 lbs. on the scale
Lost 4.9 lbs. of body fat - 35.9% down to 32.3%
Gained 5.7 lbs. of lean body mass - 64.1% up to 67.7%
Lost 1-3/8" around my waist
Lost 1/2" around my neck
Lost 2" around my hips

BMI went up 0.2 points, just going to show you that it is a meaningless number in many cases and does not take into account your body fat percentage or how much muscle you have.

All in all, it has been a very frustrating year, with all of my good results coming in these past several weeks. But I am on a roll now and have high hopes for 2011.

I have decided to go ahead and be a Phase 4, due to the fact that some major hormone issues have kept me from losing weight for the most part, and I may never lose any more than I have so far. Of course, in my dreams, I see myself here:

130 lbs. on the scale
32.5 lbs. body fat - 25%
97.5 lbs. lean body mass - 75%
26.5" waist
12.25" neck
37.25" hips
23.1 BMI
0.42 waist-to-height ratio
0.71 waist-to-hip ratio

Who knows what this next year will bring?

Here are my charts for this past year:

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