Sunday, December 5, 2010


I did not track my food on fitday for the past three days.  I did weigh and measure my food and write everything down on a piece of paper, but I did not check to see how many fat, protein or carb grams I was eating.  I just tried to eat sensibly.

Because it is Sunday, and this is my report day, I went ahead and entered the food I ate for the past three days into fitday:

1759 calories
134.8g fat (69%)
99g protein (22.5%)
37.4g total carbs (8.5%)
17g fiber
20.4g net carbs, of which 11.8g came from veggies
2539g sodium

1555 calories
118.2g fat (68.4%)
88.6g protein (22.8%)
34.2g total carbs (8.8%)
10.4g fiber
23.8g net carbs, of which 16.3g came from veggies
3248g sodium

1870 calories
138.6g fat (66.7%)
95.7g protein (20.5%)
59.9g total carbs (12.8%)
28.4g fiber
31.5g net carbs, of which 15.7g came from veggies
2612g sodium

These three days, averaged
1728 calories
130.5g fat (68%)
94.4g protein (21.9%)
43.8g total carbs (10.1%)
18.6g fiber
25.2g net carbs, of which 15.7g came from veggies
2800g sodium

During this time, I lost 2.3 pounds of fat and gained 0.9 pounds of leans mass, and I lost 3/4" around my waist and 1/4" around my hips.

I did not have the stress of tracking.  I was not trying to micro-manage every bite of food that went into my mouth.  I was following some basic guidelines that I had set for myself, as I outlined here.

I know it has been only three days, but I think that it went well enough to warrant another week of eating this way.

I have been reading some things that talk about how it is not a good idea to eat the exact same amount of fat, protein and carbs each day, because the body can adapt through homeostasis or thermogenesis and keep the body from losing weight.  I heard this analogy recently:  It's kind of like the Borg on Star Trek, where a phaser weapon works against the alien Borg creatures once, but then they adapt, and soon the same phaser blast is no longer effective.

As I've mentioned before, my body is the Borg!  It seems to be determined to keep me at this weight.  By eating more instinctively, and less regemented and identical every day, maybe I can keep my body from figuring out what I am doing, and it will not be able to adapt by adjusting my metabolism to keep me from burning fat.

We'll see!

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