Friday, December 3, 2010


I was just on Adam's site again, and I see that he has added a video of himself explaining his website.

Here are some of the links to the articles on his website:

Why Low Carbohydrate Diets Work -- and Why Other Diets Don’t
Low carbohydrate diets are profoundly different from low calorie diets in terms of what they do to our fat tissue.
Weight Loss Plans Based on ‘Eat Less and Exercise More’ Don’t Seem to Work. Why?
Almost all of our weight loss plans are built around the idea that ‘a calorie is a calorie.’ But is that really true?

The Origins of Calorie Counting
Calorie counting forms the foundation of almost all weight loss plans. But why are we so obsessed with calories? And how do excess calories "become" fat?
Low Carb Diet Science: Why Carb Restriction Works
The low carb diet controls insulin, which leads to weight loss; here is how it all works.
The First Law of Thermodynamics and Energy Balance: Which Theory is Right?
The first law of thermodynamics: What does it tell us about why we get fat and how we can lose weight?
What Causes Weight Gain?
Weight gain is NOT caused by overeating and inactivity; the real problem is fat tissue disregulation...
Weight Loss Help -- Find Out Why Eating Less and Exercising Does NOT Help
Weight loss help almost always comes in the form of strategies to cut calories. Discover why calorie counting will NEVER work...
Belly Fat: Why Is It So Hard to Lose?
Belly fat, fat thighs, the double chin and other unsightly blooms of fat are hard to get rid of. Why?
The Calorie Counter Problem: Are All Calories Really the Same?
The calorie counter hypothesis of why we get fat and how we can lose weight gets ripped to shreds by the evidence.
The Cause of Obesity: Are We Overeating, or Is Our Environment Insulinogenic?
The cause of obesity is not overeating or inactivity; it's chronic hyperinsulinemia brought on by our low fat high carb diet. Here is evidence why.
Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity, and Other Diseases: Why are They Linked?
Metabolic syndrome, obesity, and a wide variety of other medical problems associate. This means being at risk for one means being at risk for the others. Why?
The Best Diets for Losing Weight: Must They All Be Low Carb?
The best diets should help us lose weight, avoid hunger and mitigate risks for diseases. Is carb restriction the answer?
Emotional Eating: Is Hunger Really Driven By Psychology?
Emotional eating is often invoked to explain why people fail on diets. But is this idea plausible? And if emotions don't regulate our weight, what does?
The Beer Belly Question: Why Do We Get Fat in the Places That We Do?
The beer belly you have is more than a dumping ground for excess calories.
Unexplained Weight Loss / Gain on Medications - and as a Result of Other Factors
Unexplained weight loss and gain can be driven by a variety of non dietary factors. Can this phenomenon give us clues about what's making everyone fat and diabetic?
The American Heart Association Diet Tells Us "Calories Count." But Do They?
The American Heart Association diet and other weight loss plans recommended by public health authorities are founded on a miserably ineffective hypothesis.
The Calorie Calculator Theory of Obesity Has Fallen Apart
The calorie calculator theory about what makes us fat – namely, that overeating and inactivity drive weight gain and that dieting and exercising can drive weight loss – has been thoroughly trounced.
Low Carb Diets: What If Everyone Went on One?
If low carb diets can cure/treat obesity and many chronic diseases, what would happen if everyone radically restricted carbohydrate intake?
Diet Plans Based on the Low Carb Approach
Intro to diet plans based on some form of carbohydrate restriction.
Low Carb Diets Require Major Adjustments. Try These Secret Tips.
Transitioning to low carb diets can be disorienting. Here you can find resources, tips, and information.
Free Diet Information and Extensive Glossary of Terms
Find diet information here.
Good Calories Bad Calories by Gary Taubes: The Antidote to the Obesity Epidemic?
Good Calories Bad Calories destroys the conventional wisdom that "a calorie is a calorie."
Low Carb Diet and Lifestyle Resources
A catalog of top low carb diet and lifestyle resources on the web.
Low Carb and Loving It! A Collection of Essays About Why Low Carb Diets Rock
Are you low carb and loving it? If not, read these essays, which are designed to appeal to low-carb skeptics.
Facts on Obesity and Diet from Real Experts
Get the facts on obesity and diet from top experts in the low carb community. Exclusive interviews!
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Antihypertensives and Weight Gain: What the Association Might Say about Obesity
Antihypertensives and Weight Gain Have Long Been Associated. What Might This Tell Us about What Makes People Fat?
The Caloric Balance Hypothesis: a Technical Explanation
The Caloric Balance Hypothesis is the basis for nearly every weight loss plan out there.
The Lipophilia Hypotheses: A Technical Explanation
The Lipophilia Hypothesis seems to explain many of the mysteries of weight loss.
Low Carbohydrate Diets Blog
The Low Carbohydrate Diets Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Web site. Subscribe here.
The Calorie Skeptic -- An Original E-Zine
The Calorie Skeptic is the official e-zine of
Interview with Jimmy Moore, Low Carb Blogger Extraordinaire
Jimmy Moore is a renowned low carb diet blogger. In this exclusive interview, find out more about Jimmy and glimpse what's in his new book!
Interview with Rebecca Latham, an Atkins Forum All-Star
Atkins Forum veteran and low carb blogger Rebecca Latham spills her diet secrets in exclusive interview!
"Cereal Killer" author Al Watson: an Exclusive Interview. Brilliant Stuff!
Al Watson, author of "Cereal Killer" and "21 Days to a Healthy Heart," opens a can of whoop-ass on the 2010 USDA Dietary Guidelines.
Health-Eating-Politics author Ellen Davis Offers Dramatic Insights
The website is fast becoming one of the go-to sites for well-researched nutrition science. We proudly present an exclusive interview with the creator, Ellen Davis.
The Low Carber’s Survival Guide -- Practical Wisdom for Low Carbers
The Low Carber’s Survival Guide is an eBook for low carbers trapped in a high carb world

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