Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Bill in October 2010
Taken in our backyard

At least that's what my step-sister told my father the other day.

She told my dad that she is worried that Bill is getting too thin and should stop losing weight.

Of course, it is not true - he still has around 15 pounds of fat to get rid of - but he used to be 40+ pounds overweight, so it is fun to hear that someone notices the difference.

Lately, every time I see Bill from across the room, I am struck by how slim he looks. He's lookin' pretty good!

Bill in September 1995

Just for comparison, this photo shows Bill in 1995, when he was at his heaviest.  When I look at his face in this photo, it's hard to believe he was that round - it doesn't even look like him to me.


  1. Hi Rebecca - Scott C in Canada here. I listened to your podcast with Jimmy Moore from 2010 this morning and your story really resonated for me. I was struck by all the things that you were doing back then that I am doing now...same LCHF approach, supplements, enthusiasm, etc.

    I am just getting into intermittent fasting more seriously and plan to meet with Jason Fung in 2 weeks in Toronto.

    I was wondering if you discovered anything that explained why weight loss stalled out for you - hormones, thyroid, too many calories, fat...did you come to a conclusion?

    Thanks - I hope all is well with you these days!

    1. Hi, Scott! Sorry for the delay in answering, but this comment got lost in my email.

      Yes, I finally figured out that I was eating too much fat to lose my own body fat.

      If you want to see what plan I am following these days, check out my Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MyLowCarbRoadFastingSupport/