Monday, December 27, 2010


I just saw the orthopedic surgeon and he said that if they can get me 50% better in four weeks, I will get all better in time.


He also said that, even though there is a small tendon tear on the top of my shoulder, he thinks the main source of the pain is the pinched nerve in my neck.

I am going back there for my PT evaluation in about an hour.

I asked the doc if I could start lifting again, and he said to ask the PT person. He said they love people who lift weights, and they will be able to tell me exactly what I can and cannot do.

The doctor said that I could go ahead and do cardio, and I told him I don't do traditional cardio - that I only lift weights. He looked at me like my head had just spun around. A woman that does not use the elliptical machine??? Unheard of!

Anyway, I am very relieved and hoping they will let me do some (all?) of my PT at home.

I also was put on an anti-inflammatory for three weeks. He said if it makes me swell up, to stop taking it and do without. I do have a history of swelling up with those drugs. He said this one is better for that. We'll see.


  1. You are such a little rebel! "I don't do Cardio". It's like when I tell people that I don't eat grains. They just think I am going to die without them!
    I am happy to hear that they are going the PT route. It is like having your own trainer.

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! What they have me doing is like doing nothing, but they want me to start small.