Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I just got my report. It says:


1. Small interstitial supraspinatus tendon tear and mild supraspinatus peritendinous bursitis. No full thickness retracted tear seen.

2. No labral tear seen. (This is what my doctor was 99.9% sure I had.)

3. Intact biceps pulley tendon mechanism. (He also thought this was messed up.)

So, YAY, basically! According to my PT niece, I am headed for physical therapy and NOT surgery. Of course, the doctor will have to confirm this, but even the medical sites I looked at just now said that you should do PT for 3-6 months before considering surgery.

My appointment is not for another week, so I guess I will just lay low until then and relax and stop thinking about surgery.

By the way, I looked up to see what the PT would be for this, and it was all of the arm exercises and weight lifting that I have been doing as part of my regular workouts - push ups, rows, etc.

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