Saturday, November 6, 2010


For the past two weeks, I have reduced my fat, protein and carbs.  This is what I have eaten on 12 of the past 14 days:

1440 calories
112g fat
81g protein
27g carbs
16g fiber
11g net carbs, of which around 8.5g have come from veggies
2267g sodium

My reason for dropping down to this low level after eating around 1800 calories per day was to jump start my weight loss after maintaining it for many, many months.

It did not work.  My weight is unchanged.  Well, actually, I gained almost one pound.  The last time I tried this was back in April 2009, and I dropped several pounds very easily, even though it was hard eating that small amount of food.  No luck this time.  I think two weeks is enough time to try a change.

The thing that bugs me is that, before this past two weeks, I was maintaining my weight eating around 1800 calories per day and 25 net carbs.  Now, I am maintaining that same weight eating 1440 calories and 11 net carbs.  If the First Law of Thermodynamics applied here, and 3500 calories equals 1 pound, I would have had to have lost at least a pound and a half in this amount of time.

Not only that, but I started exercising moderately two weeks ago, so I should have burned off even more than that.  So much for "Calories In Calories Out".

I figure that if I am not going to lose weight anyway, I might as well go ahead a eat like I was before, when I was maintaining my weight on 1800 calories and 25 net carbs.

My plan is to go ahead and increase calories to around 1800, but to only increase net carbs by 1 per day, until I get back up to 25 net carbs.  That way, I will avoid the water retention that sometimes comes from increasing carbs too quickly.

So, starting tomorrow morning, I get to eat!!!  I was eating so little before that I could only eat two full meals per day!

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