Monday, November 8, 2010


I've been playing around with my new Body Fat Percentage Calculator (look right and scroll down to the yellow calculator) and tried to come up with a new goal.

I've always just thought of weight loss as a number on a scale, and never considered it an amount of inches.  Who knows how big my waist would be at a certain weight?  Well, I input different numbers, and came up with something I think might be reasonable.

140 pounds
30" waist
12.5" neck
39.75" hips
24.9 BMI
0.48 waist-to-height ratio
0.75 waist-to-hip ratio
32.5% body fat

To achieve this, I need to lose 4.5 more pounds of fat, I need to gain 1.6 pounds of muscle and I need to lose 1" from around my waist and 1" from around my hips.  I do not have a time frame for this goal - I learned a long time ago that my body will do what it's going to do in its own time.  However long it takes, it takes.

These numbers really seem possible, especially now that I am working out again, and it's helpful to see how that would really look on my body, instead of just looking for a number on the scale.

If all goes well and I hit this goal, I will try for another 3 pounds and another 3% off of my body fat.

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