Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Dr. Michelle Schultz
Today I had a preliminary visit with the woman who is going to be my new hormone doctor.  Her name is Michelle Schultz, M.D., and she is with BodyLogicMD.   I need to call the office tomorrow and order labs for Bill and me.  After the tests are done, we will probably have our first visit in January.

I always wish I had a tape recorder for these visits, because so much is covered that I always forget part of it.  Here are some bits and pieces that I retained:

1.  I will probably still keep getting the testosterone implant, but it will be a stronger one than I have now, because my testosterone is still too low.  Getting more T will help me to burn fat and build muscle.

2.  I may start taking progesterone as a pill instead of the cream, because the cream can cause cortisol excess which can cause fat storage.

3.  I may start DHEA and Pregnenolone replacement, depending on my test results.

4.  I will be taken off of Armour Thyroid, which is 80% T4 and only 20% T3, which I am low in, and start T3 replacement.

5.  Low thyroid and adrenal fatigue are the main problems at the moment, and are keeping me from losing weight.

6.  After my test results, my doctor will choose one of three adrenal supplements to put me on for three months and then retest for adrenal fatigue.  For that first three months, I will stay with all the hormone dosages that I am doing now.  If after adrenal support, my thyroid has not improved on its own, I will start T3 replacement with just a little T4.

So there are definitely several things that this doctor wants to do differently.

Here is the bad part:  The doctor believes that gluconeogenesis  is causing my body to use muscle as fuel instead of fat.  So that is why I am losing muscle and gaining fat.  And that is not going to change until I get all balanced, which will be a few months.

So for me to drive myself crazy trying to lose weight right now is not a good idea.  As of right now, I am canceling my trial of The 6-Week Cure and going back to eating the way I was before I started.  It feels weird to start (or stop) something in the middle of the week, but I'm going to do it and just relax about it.

I'm going to continue with my weight training and use of l-Leucine, if only to try to maintain what muscle I have left until this thing turns around.


  1. Isn't T4 used to make T3? Sounds like she has a plan anyway!
    Glad you are halting the 6 week thing. It would only serve to drive you batty! (er) LOL
    A question if the gluco......... Is causing your body to eat muscle would it not be better to eat a diet that doesn't require it to glucon........? Just a wonderrment

  2. T4 can do two things - it can be converted to T3 (good thing) and it can be converted to Reverse T3 (bad thing). If you supplement with mostly T3, you bypass the possibility that supplemental T4 will go the wrong way. Skip the middleman, sort of.

    The gluconeogenesis is being caused by my hormonal imbalances. Get things balanced, and it will stop.

  3. Rebecca, I hope this is the thing you need to get back to better help. I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you.

    Good luck, Terry