Sunday, October 31, 2010


I just finished having brunch with my husband and my father at my home. Dad was very impressed with the spread - all low carb and so delicious! It was so nice - house all clean and sparkly, beautiful weather and smooth jazz on the sound system.

Here is the menu, all of it organic, free range, no hormones or antibiotics, Omega-3 eggs, nitrate-free, etc.

Cheese Baked Eggs
Baby Bella Mushrooms sauteed in lots of butter
Pumpkin Flax Bread with Lime Frosting
Coffee for the men and brewed loose leaf tea for me

Bill and I usually don't have that much in the morning (it was a big meal!), but we had company, and now I feel like I've had my treat for the week! I will have a smaller dinner to make up for it.

It's so nice to be able to offer someone a really good, low carb meal, and to show them how satisfying it can be.

And for entertainment, we listened to my interview with Jimmy Moore, which Dad had not heard yet.  He said it was a good interview, but all he kept thinking was, "There's gotta be some way you can make money off of this!"

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