Sunday, October 24, 2010


I have reached my goal weight (low 140s), but I am still going to weigh and measure my body once per week just to make sure I don't have "size creep" without realizing it.

This is my second week of only weighing and measuring once per week.  I lost 0.2 pounds and gained 1/4" around my navel, so I guess I pretty much stayed the same as last week. This coming week, I will track at least six days, and I'm going to reduce my food by 50 calories per day.   I now that doesn't seem like much, but it may help me lose that little bit I gained this week.

I was a little nervous this past week, because I had eaten off plan on two different days.  But at the same time, I noticed that my stress about my size was lower due to having to watch the scale and the tape measure go up and down every day.  Actually, the beginning of the week was totally stress free, but I found the stress going up a little but each day, until this morning, when I was very stressed.  Last night, I almost got on the scale right before bed, but talked myself out it!  I'm hoping that as time goes by, I will be more relaxed throughout the week.

This past week, I tracked my food five out of the seven days.  On the two days I did not track, which was last Sunday and yesterday, I ate out and allowed myself to have a couple of treats that were off plan. (I did not do this when I was on Induction and OWL, just so you know!) On that day, my net carbs were pretty high I'm sure, but they were an average of 24.4 the rest of the week.

All things considered, I think it was a good decision to stop weighing and measuring every day, now that I am not losing. If I were still in losing mode, I would weigh every day and measure once per week, like I used to.

One week ago, my average weight for the week was 142.7.
Today, my average weight for the week is 142.5.
I lost 0.2 pounds this past week.

I tracked my food on five days this past week,
and here are the averages of what I ate:

1834 calories
142g fat
91g protein
48.9g total carbs
24.5g fiber
24.4g net carbs, of which 12.5g were from veggies
2430g sodium

Today is my weekly measuring day. In the past 7 days, I gained 1/4" around my navel.

To get back to my smallest size on June 13, 2010, I need to lose:

1/4" around my bicep
1/2" from my bust
1/4" from my midriff
1/2" from my waist
3/4" from my navel
1" from my hips
1/4" from my thigh

Here is what I have lost so far, since starting to lose weight in February 2009:

Neck - 13.75" to 12.5" - down 1.25"
Bicep - 11.75" to 11.25" - down 0.5"
Forearm - 9" - no change
Bust - 38.25" to 36" - down 2.25"
Midriff - 32.25" to 29.75" - down 2.5"
Waist - 31.5" to 29.25" - down 2.25"
Navel - 38.25" to 32.75" - down 5.5"
Hips - 42" to 39.25" - down 2.75"
Thigh - 24.5" to 22.25" - down 2.25"
Calf - 14.5" to 13.5" - down 1"

I would still like to replace some body fat with some muscle, so I'll see how that goes as time goes on.

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