Sunday, October 31, 2010


I gained 0.9 pounds and lost 1/4" around my navel this past week, so I guess I pretty much stayed the same, even though I reduced my calories by around 400 per day for this past week.

This past week, I tracked my food five out of the seven days. One of those days was spent eating off plan, and I know the net carbs were high.  The other day, I ate on plan, but too much.

I have decided that I am going back to my old system of weighing every day and measuring once per week.  I just can't seem to relax into not knowing what I weigh every day.  After doing that for this next week, I'll decide whether to continue or not.

One week ago, my average weight for the week was 142.5.
Today, my average weight for the week is 143.4.
I gained 0.9 pounds this past week.

I tracked my food on five days this past week,
and here are the averages of what I ate:

1442 calories
112.6g fat
80.9g protein
26.2g total carbs
15.6g fiber
10.6g net carbs, of which 7g were from veggies
2314g sodium

Today is my weekly measuring day. In the past 7 days, I lost 1/4" around my navel.

To get back to my smallest size on June 13, 2010, I need to lose:

1/4" around my bicep
1/2" from my bust
1/4" from my midriff
1/2" from my waist
1/2" from my navel
1" from my hips
1/4" from my thigh

Here is what I have lost so far, since starting to lose weight in February 2009:

Neck - 13.75" to 12.5" - down 1.25"
Bicep - 11.75" to 11.25" - down 0.5"
Forearm - 9" - no change
Bust - 38.25" to 36" - down 2.25"
Midriff - 32.25" to 29.75" - down 2.5"
Waist - 31.5" to 29.25" - down 2.25"
Navel - 38.25" to 32.5" - down 5.75"
Hips - 42" to 39.25" - down 2.75"
Thigh - 24.5" to 22.25" - down 2.25"
Calf - 14.5" to 13.5" - down 1"

I would still like to replace some body fat with some muscle, so I'll see how that goes as time goes on.

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