Thursday, October 14, 2010


The first good thing is that we resolved a major business problem that we have been under the shadow of for almost two years. The stress I was under was extreme, with the past several months being the worst of it. One real estate closing later, it is now behind us, with a result of about 90% satisfaction. I'm hoping that now that it is over, I can get rid of some of the stress that has been causing my cortisol to go through the roof!

Another good thing is that I wore my size 6 dress slacks to the meeting. Sweet!

One thing happened that was unhappy, though. In the past, when we have had a good business result, Bill and I have gone out and had a celebration dinner at a nice restaurant. But today, we did not, and it seemed incomplete, like it was not properly celebrated.

I know that there are some who will say that I should have gone out and just ate low carb at the restaurant, but even when I do that, the salt gets me and I spend the next few days (up to a week sometimes) feeling bloated and uncomfortable. So we decided to get a couple of strip steaks and grill them and have a big salad.

At least when I am at home, I do not feel deprived. When I am at a restaurant, I always feel deprived! "Out of sight, out of mind" always works best for me.

I was tempted to go out to eat, but, in the end, I realized that bloating up would not be a good ending to the business problem, but just a continuation of the water weight problem and the feeling deprived problem.

So I guess that was good, too. We ate at home, and tomorrow I will have no regrets about that decision!

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