Monday, May 16, 2011


I have been giving careful thought to what I am going to do after stopping the HCG Diet on Tuesday night.  Wednesday morning, there needs to be a plan, and I have decided to go Paleo.  I went out this evening and bought this book:

The book is awesome and is filled with recipes.  I started reading each recipe this evening, and each one I saw looked like something I would want to eat.  Usually, when you buy a cookbook, you know there are recipes you will probably never use, but these all look great, as you can see in the video above.

Basically, we will be eating meats, poultry, fish, eggs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lots of healthy fats and a small amount of fruit.

We will not be eating processed foods, dairy (with the exception of grass-fed butter), sugar, legumes or grains.

Aside from stopping the dairy, this is pretty much the way we have been eating for the last couple of years, so it should not be too much of a change.  I will miss cheese, sour cream and Greek yogurt, though.  But I am willing to do this and see if it has a positive impact on my overall health and body fat percentage.

Starting Wednesday, we are also going to start taking all of our supplements again, which we quit all together for this past three weeks.  I'll be glad to get all that good stuff in me again, but it was kind of nice not to have to worry about it for a while. 

I'm also going to start the BCAA again, to see if I can start putting on some muscle.  Since injuring my shoulder in December, I have lost about 9 pounds of muscle, believe it or not.  That needs to come back, which is why I am going to start lifting again, now that my shoulder is getting better.

Now, here is my fear...

When you eat Paleo, most people teaching this way of life say to just eat until you are satisfied and don't stress about the numbers.  Don't track your food, your grams of protein, fat and carbs.  Every time I have gone on a diet that says to not worry, just eat until you are satisfied, I have gained weight.  I truly believe that whatever process goes on in the brain that tells you how much to eat is broken in me.

So what I will do is basically eat bacon and eggs cooked in coconut oil or butter and maybe a small piece of fruit or some veggies for breakfast, around 5 ounces of some sort of protein with added fat and veggies for lunch, and the same thing for dinner, and maybe have an ounce of nuts for a snack during the day or as part of a meal.

Doing this, I will know, without tracking, that I will be getting around 120g of fat, around 100g of protein and around 30g of carbs.  It will probably be around 1600-1700 calories all together.  On the days that I lift, I will have a little extra protein right before and right after lifting.

I'm nervous about this whole thing, being afraid that I will just gain the weight back, but the HCG people say that as long as you do not eat sugar or starch, this will not happen.

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