Tuesday, May 24, 2011


One of the downsides of being a reasonably intelligent person is that when someone says something that makes sense, it is hard to pretend that you have not heard it.

With all my ups and downs with eating low carb, there have been many times that I wish I could just eat some other way, and maybe do better, but the fact is that I know too much about the "unhealth" of eating in those other ways to ever go back to them, however appealing they may seem at times.

This morning, I read a blog post called "The Bacon Bummer"  posted at The Whole Nine. Although I am always interested in becoming enlightened, this is one time that I wish I could have continued on in blissful ignorance.

After reading the post, I am going to stop looking at bacon as a regular protein source, and start thinking of it more as an occasional treat or as a condiment to add a little flavor to other foods.

Bummer, indeed!

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