Sunday, May 22, 2011


It's now been four days of normal low carb, high fat food after three and a half weeks on The HCG Diet, and a few people have asked if I have kept off the weight so far.

This post from the other day explained how Bill and I both gained weight right afterward.  But in the days since, that initial weight came back off and now it is staying pretty close to our lowest HCG weight.  I posted about my weight here today.

The body fat function on my bathroom scale has stopped working, so I am back to using the free online calculator (shown in the right sidebar) to figure out my body fat.  According to it, this is where I started the morning of April 22, 2011, the beginning of The HCG Diet:

148.6 pounds
54.4 pounds of body fat (36.6%)
94.2 pounds of lean body mass (63.4%)

The final numbers for the diet:

137.2 pounds
44.2 pounds of body fat (32.2%)
93 pounds of lean body mass (67.8%)

So that means that during the diet I lost 10.2 pounds of body fat and lost 1.2 pounds of lean body mass.

These are my numbers for this morning:

138.8 pounds
43.9 pounds of body fat (31.6%)
94.9 pounds of lean body mass (68.4%)

So that means that since starting normal eating again, I have lost 0.3 pounds of body fat and gained 1.9 pounds of lean body mass.

And since starting HCG until now, I have lost 10.5 pounds of body fat and I have gained 0.7 pounds of lean mass.

All that being said...

I have always preferred going by my body measurements instead of the scale, which can always be inaccurate due to water weight fluctuations and the machine just being inaccurate.  I trust the tape measure, which has never lied to me!

When I started HCG, the total for all of my body measurements was 289.625", at the end of HCG the total was 272.375" (17.25" down) and today it is 271.875" (17.75" down from the start, and 0.5" down from the end of HCG).

So, all in all, I am keeping the weight and inches off and then some.


  1. Wondering about the brand of hCG you have bee using, and how you chose this company.

  2. I bought it at

    They were a company that had been around for more than a minute, and the people at the HCG forum said that it was a good product.