Thursday, June 10, 2010


We often hear the media and so-called health “experts” talk about the NEED to consume what they describe as “healthy whole grains.” They say that sugar and refined carbohydrates are certainly unhealthy for you, but you really need to add in whole grains to your diet. But what if the truth is that grains are just as harmful to your weight and health as sugary, carby foods? That’s exactly what today’s podcast interview guest is attempting to educate people about who deal with unexplained weight gain and decline in their health despite eating the “right” diet they’ve been told is good for them.

In Episode 356 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from nutritionist Melissa Diane Smith, author of the book Going Against the Grain: How Reducing and Avoiding Grains Can Revitalize Your Health, who explains why whole grains need to be avoided and not encouraged as is commonplace in modern society. Hear Melissa discuss how her work at a popular health spa where she ate the recommended diet made her get fat and sick, what’s wrong with consuming grains, how grains became such a major part of the American diet, why we DON’T need to be consuming grains as is often promoted by health professionals, the anti-nutrient properties of grain products, delayed food allergies brought on by grains, the addictive nature of grains on the body, the harmfulness of genetically-modified foods (especially corn) and why they’re hard to identify, the grain-related sensitivities, why a gluten sensitivity doesn’t necessarily mean you have Celiac disease, the “Against The Grain” dietary guidelines compared with what the USDA is recommending, the challenges of eliminating grains from your diet and what you can do about it, why it’s important to replace whole grains with low-carb vegetables, how to purchase non-grain foods at the grocery store, why eating out grain-free isn’t such a big deal nowadays, how a vegetarian can give up grains (most are “grain”-arians!), the supplements that augment a grain-free diet, and why even kids should give up grains. If you think you need to consume whole grains in your diet, then you need to listen to my interview with Melissa Diane Smith.  Right click here to listen.

From me:

Since starting Atkins in March 2009, I have not eaten grains.  At first, it was because grains are not allowed in the beginning phases of Atkins, but, after finding out some of the things I have about grains, and how human beings are not adapted to eating them, I'm never going back.

I really don't miss the grains.  I have heard some people say that they could never give up their bread, but this is a non-issue for me.  About four months ago, I was in a restaurant, and everyone was going on and on about how good the bread was.  These were white, Italian-type dinner rolls, crunchy on the outside, and warm and soft on the inside.  So I had a few bites.  I have to honestly say that I was underwhelmed, and I did not finish it.  Even the butter I put on it did not make it desirable to me.  Next time, I'll give it a pass.

I was in Whole Foods Market the other day, and they had a tray with little chunks of a coarse bread made with lots of seeds.  I sampled it.  Wow!  It was great!  And so is chocolate cake, but I'm not eating that with any regularity, either!

When I am at someone's home, and I am offered a dessert made with flour and sugar, I sometimes partake.  I went to a wedding the other day, and I had a piece of wedding cake.  But there is no way that I am going to make flour, or sugar, for that matter, a regular part of my diet.  If I stay away from it 99.9% of the time, I guess I'm doing okay!

Before Atkins, I did eat steel cut oatmeal almost every morning for breakfast.  I loved it, and I'll miss it.  But I'm still not going back!

Although I think Melissa Diane Smith may be preaching to the choir on this subject, I just ordered her book from the library.  I'm sure I will learn a lot!

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