Saturday, June 12, 2010


When science journalist Gary Taubes released his magnum opus Good Calories Bad Calories in September 2007, it was designed to reach the sophisticated medical professionals who wanted the scientific history of nutritional therapies with voluminous references (comprising 150 pages of this 600-page book!). But the average consumer took one look at Taubes’ book and it made their head spin. Sadly, the information contained in this fantastic book was overlooked by the patients who could stand to benefit from the information as a result and it begged the question–when will someone come up with a simplified version that the average Joe and Jane can understand (actually, there is a new book coming from Gary Taubes in early 2011 that will be aimed at the consumer–we’ll be interviewing him about that when it releases)? Today’s podcast interview guest read Gary’s book and turned much of what he read about into a neatly-packaged web site.

In Episode 355 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from Yale-educated web writer Adam Kosloff who created his Taubes-inspired web site at that is a great destination point for anyone who would never read Good Calories Bad Calories but desperately needs to be exposed to the low-carb message. Hear Adam talk about the influence of Taubes’ book on his thinking about nutrition, how Taubes reacted to his web site, the ease of use of the web site, his experience writing 20,000+ columns online, why the thesis that obesity is a disease of fat accumulation is the most important issue in the low-carb community, how “eat less, exercise more” had made us worse, what the “good carbs” are, why the one-size-fits-all diet is a weird concept, speculation regarding the diet connection to autism and food allergies, the funding for low-carb studies, why nobody is talking about the diet/health connection to the healthcare and economy issues, why the Food Pyramid needs to be changed before healthcare can truly be reformed, the Kosloff Conjecture about why we continue to do the same failed approach, why it’s important to acknowledge the line of thinking and engage in conversation of those whose thinking runs counter to yours, why it’s next to impossible for people like Dr. Dean Ornish to change their mind about diet and health, the constructive energy needed to move the message forward, his dream of a low-carb “The Biggest Loser” show without exercise and lots of saturated fat-laden meats, the influence of using YouTube to educate people about the low-carb ideas, and what his ideal nutritional world would look like. Adam is a deep thinker and a dreamer which you’ll sense the entire time he shares his answers during this interview.

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From Rebecca:

I was so impressed when I read Adam's website, Why Low Carb Diets Work, that I started a discussion thread on the Atkins Forum, called "My Body is Not a Piggy Bank! (Do Calories Matter?)" to share his ideas with the Atkins Community.  If you are interested in reading that, right click here.

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