Saturday, May 9, 2009


Here is a post from another thread from Karen (BeachbuminMT), on the topic of Splenda. I had just said that I just read that Maltodextrin, the main ingredient in Splenda, should be avoided at all costs, for it is a Frankenfood. Karen responded:

Right up there with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), IMO. Well, maybe not that bad, but almost. It's in a lot of "sugar-free" products. I still keep it around to use when something absolutely HAS to taste like sugar. And it does cook well. Hubby loves Splenda and says the other sweeteners are crap! I pointed out to him that it's not the sucralose he likes, but the maltodextrin. I don't push the issue - small victories! Baby steps!

I think probably overall, real Stevia, not the now-marketed Truvia, is probably the best bet.

Have you seen Truvia's website?

You’re first hit with how natural it is: "Water. Sunshine. Nutrients from the earth. That's what goes into the stevia plant. Then nature works her magic and creates a wonderfully sweet taste." on the Ingredients tab: Erythritol, ribiana, natural flavors. Ribiana: Rebiana is the trade name[1] for a zero-calorie sweetener containing mainly the steviol glycoside rebaudioside A (reb-A), which is extracted from stevia. (I guess this is the Stevia.)

Back to the same thing, the main ingredient is not the natural herb, Stevia, but a sugar alcohol. And the stevia itself is extremely processed!

I guess since it DOES contain stevia, the law allows the company to get away with the advertising claims!

Rebecca says:

I have a box and a half of Splenda that I am going to throw in the trash. One box has 1000 packets, and the other box about 600.

My decision today is to not use Splenda anymore, or things that contain Splenda. For sweetener, I use liquid Stevia.

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