Monday, May 4, 2009

MAY 4, 2009 - THE FAT FAST

When I fist did Atkins back in 2000, I tried the Fat Fast that was recommended in the 1992 book "Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution". IN the book, he said that if you can't lose weight, you should try eating only 1000 calories a day with 85-90% fat. I tried it, and it worked, but as soon as I started eating food again, I immediately started gaining weight again.

But after 7 weeks of doing Atkins, I did the fat fast and did not tell anyone. In order to not go into "starvation mode", I kept the calories high at 1600 and ate mostly fat. I did lose a few pounds, but as soon as I ate real food again, the weight came right back.

Why did Dr. Atkins even suggest this?

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