Sunday, May 10, 2009


The ultimate issue is the continuing failure to recognize that drug therapy is inappropriate for any condition that can be improved with lifestyle and dietary changes.

Cardiac cure continues to be researched right into a corner. The more research we have to validate drug therapy, the least likely a doctor will give you the opportunity to investigate alternative therapies. Unfortunate but true.

We need to be our own caretakers and ask ourselves; are we willing to adhere to a low carb lifestyle, which research has already demonstrated to lower inflammation markers such as CRP, improve cardiac risk factors, diminish risk for diabetes and heart disease?

For those who need a little extra help we have alternatives such as CoQ10, L-Carnitine, and Omega-3 supplementation. The way I like to practice is to ask the question; have I tried all non toxic alternatives before I send someone for drugs which will have side effects?

Statins will delete the body stores of CoQ10 which is cardio protective, stress the liver, and in some cases cause muscle weakness.

So it comes down to Satin Drugs vs. Common Sense.
Certainly the pharmaceutical industry is busy celebrating a major public relations and sales windfall, but how is this good and balanced medicine?

The goal of excellence in medicine will be achieved through an informed choice from an array of all possible therapies. The controlled-carbohydrate lifestyle has been scientifically proven to lower clinical parameters of cardiovascular risk factors without the use of drugs. Good medicine should offer a patient the best benefit to risk ratio, and the benefit of a controlled-carbohydrate diet far outweighs the risks and side effects associated with statin drugs.

While drugs are certainly appropriate for specific patient populations under certain circumstances, they are not appropriate for those who can accomplish the same results with lifestyle changes and supplementation if necessary.

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