Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The other day, I asked my husband to read the chapter Statins out of the book Breakthrough by Suzanne Somers. Surprisingly, he did! And he said, "I shouldn't be on these drugs!" This morning, he told me he stopped taking them after reading the chapter. The side effects are just too harmful, even at the low dose he was on. (BTW, he had his doctor's permission to get off of them!)

The Case Against Statins - Statins can:

1. alter the immune system

2. inhibit CoQ10 production (our most important nutrient), which leads to loss of nerve function, muscle disease, and pain in more than one nerve (Neuropathy, myopathy and ployneuropathy)

3. cause inflammation of the muscles (myositis and deadly rhabdomyolysis)

4. lead to breakdowns in muscle fiber and the release of myoglobin, which blocks the kidneys, and

5. cause brain damage, dementia and memory lapses.

And, in addition to the above, statins inhibit a healthy sex drive the longer a patient is on them.

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