Friday, May 22, 2009


I have heard people say to weigh yourself every day, and others say only do it once a week. I even heard one person say to get a pair of pants that are too small and try to zip them up every morning, to see if it gets any easier! Now, that's a scale-aphobic!

Here's what I do: I weigh every day. I keep my weight on a chart on my computer (but a piece of paper will do just fine). Each day I record what the scale says, and next to it, I record the average of the last seven days, and I consider that average to be my "true weight". My weight fluctuates so wildly, that I can gain 3 pounds overnight! Looking at my average, I can eliminate temporary water weight, which can sometimes be gone by the next day. Works for me!

What doesn't work for me is weighing once a week. Because of weight fluctuations, there is a possibility that the very day I weigh is the day I was retaining fluid. Maybe the next day it would have been gone. But now I spend a whole week thinking I've gained weight when I really haven't.

If you haven't tried averaging, why not see if you find it as encouraging as I do?

Little confession here: If my average is lower than my scale weight, I consider it my true weight. If my actual weight is lower than my average, I consider that my true weight!

(I need all the encouragement I can get!)

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