Friday, May 15, 2009


I saw my doctor today. According to his fancy body composition machine, since April 1, 2009, I have lost 4 pounds, all of which was fat. That's good, because on other diets, people lose lean tissue. I have not gained any muscle, and he told me to start weight training immediately! And I will.

My body fat on April 1 was 42.9% and it is now down to 41.3%.

I started out with 61 pounds of fat, I now have 57 pounds of fat, and he wants me down to 30 pounds of fat. So I have another 27 pounds of fat to lose.

He says I started out with 81 pounds of lean tissue, I still have 81 pounds of lean tissue, and he wants me up to 90 pounds of lean tissue. So I have another 9 pounds of muscle to gain.

He has doubled my oral progesterone and left the topical progesterone cream the same. The reason for this is because of the following symptoms that I still have that are caused by estrogen dominance (low progesterone): too much body fat, low thyroid, high cortisol, extremely bad and painful periods, trouble sleeping, swollen ankles and insanely itchy skin.

I also had another 100mg testosterone implant put in. He started me off with 50mg, and my recent blood tests show that it is not enough, and since I did not break out in horrible acne, he put in more. I'm good now until August.

I was wondering, if I have to get an implant every 4-5 months, and each one leaves a small scar, then won't my backside look like chicken scratch after a few years?

He told me he puts them in so they make a little "flower" pattern of scars. I'm not sure if that was a joke or not! I asked him if the scars could spell out "Bill", my husband's name, and he said yes. I'm still not sure if he is kidding!

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