Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I went to my GP the other day, because I have been having badly swollen ankles for two weeks. He looked at my ankles, agreed that they were swollen.

I asked him why I had swollen ankles. He said he had no idea - maybe it's been warm outside? - and wrote me a prescription for a diuretic. Underlying cause? Doesn't matter. Just treat the symptom. Next!

While I was there, he asked when the last time was that I had a blood panel done for cholesterol, sugar, etc. Since I didn't know, he ordered one, and I did it yesterday, and got back the results today.

My blood sugar was right in the middle of normal, so that's good. My HDL is higher than good, so that's good. My LDL is higher than bad, so that's bad. The doctor's advice?

"Stop eating fat. Stop eating cholesterol."

(heavy sigh)

I just thanked him and left. He wants to see me back in three months to see if my new low fat, high carb diet is helping my cholesterol. I think I need a new doctor!

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