Thursday, May 14, 2009


I am so inspired by the interviews in the book Breakthrough. Here is a passage that reflects on the two points above, in reference to the prevention, treatment and even the cure of cancer:

Several studies have shown that eating large amounts of fruits and vegetables, especially vegetables, not only retards the growth of cancers but can also convert very aggressive cancers into much more benign tumors. This is remarkable information and needs to be taken seriously. Newer studies are showing that some cancer cells can be changed into normal cells using specific nutrients. So instead of scientists figuring out how to kill cancer cells without harming normal cells, they now know that changing cancer cells back to normal cells is possible... by consuming a true healthy diet.

Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of anitioxidants that quench free radicals. They contain hundreds of bioflavonoids (plant chemicals) that have anticancer properties, including the fact that they turn on phase II enzymes that rid our bodies of cancer-causing toxins. They also provide fiber that binds the toxins excreted into the intestine, so that these toxins are not absorbed back into the system. It is an overall consensus, worldwide, that fruits and vegetables not only reduce the rate of cancer but also prevent atherosclerosis and heart disease. Fruits and vegetables are lifesaving foods.
Changing your diet is a difficult thing to do. Most people are so used to grabbing bags of Doritos (40 percent chemicals), ranch-flovored chips (contain high levels of MSG), crackers, cakes, muffins, donuts, biscuits, rolls, peanut butter crackers, potato chips, taco chips. All of the so-called foods contain procarcinogenic oils and high amounts of sugar, methionine and food additives. These snacks are also high on the glycemic index release and promote cancer growth. Most chips are cooked in omega-6 oils, so you get a concentration of cancer-stimulating additives and ingredients. And we wonder why cancer is an epidemic.

Increased body fat can manufacture estrogens. Obesity is one of the factors known to increase the levels of 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone, the metabolic product of estrogen breakdown that has been shown to powerfully stimulate the growth and spread of breast cancers.

The more you understand the mechanisms of phytochemicals and nutrition, the more you will appreciate why even minor variations in your diet can have significant effects on cancer. In time, your taste buds will readjust to good nutritious food and then chemically laden, poor-quality food will actually taste bad to you. No one knows for sure if cancers are ever really eradicated in your body. If they are not, then sticking to a nutritious diet becomes even more important, since the dormant cancer can be reactivated by a bad diet. Think about that when you reach for that next diet soda.

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