Saturday, June 1, 2013


Yesterday, I completed Day 4 of The Virgin Diet.

  • The arthritis pain in my right hand has diminished greatly, as has the pain in my left foot.
  • I eliminated my breakfast almost immediately after eating it, and had a couple more loose eliminations later in the day. 
  • I ate lunch at work today, and I had an odd experience:  The minute I put a bite of roasted chicken in my mouth, I felt nauseated.  Really nauseated.  I only ate half of the chicken in my lunch because of that feeling.  I ate my vegetables and pumpkin and started to feel better.
  • I lost energy and had to take a nap after eating lunch in the middle of the day.  Is this because of the new way I am eating, or because I am having to get up before dawn?
  • I did not have abdominal pain, bloating or a dash to the bathroom after lunch or dinner.
  • My blood glucose was 84 an hour and a half after eating dinner.
  • I went to bed at 9:30 last night, slept through the night and woke up without an alarm this morning at 6:30 feeling refreshed.  I was not starving when I woke up.
  • I lost 1.4 pounds yesterday for a total loss of 2.2 pounds in 4 days.  To get back to my goal weight, I need to lose 9.6 more pounds.
  • I buttoned my "measurement shorts" this morning and there is a very slight "muffin top".

Starting weight - 147.8
Current weight - 145.6
Goal weight - 136

I normally eat like this:

135g fat (78%)
57g protein
28g carbs

Yesterday, I ate like this:

132g fat (68%)
82g protein
58g carbs

I had a shake for breakfast that was comprised of coconut milk, water, non-dairy protein powder, ground flax seed, raw kale, frozen blueberries and a few drops of Stevia.  I also had 2 tsp. of cod liver oil.

I changed the quantity of some of the ingredients of my shake because I had gained some weight the day before:  Due to the high amount of protein I was eating, I cut the protein powder down by 10%, and because of the "bathroom distress" and the fact that I have had a very small amount of fiber for the past year and I think it is a problem, I cut the flax seed by 40%.  Because I am a little nervous about going so high with the carbs, I cut the berries by 20%.  I will keep my shakes at this level and see how I do for a few days.

For lunch, I had a roasted chicken thigh, steamed spinach with coconut oil and sea salt and canned pumpkin with cinnamon and Stevia. 

For dinner, I had a roasted chicken leg, a really large bowl of coleslaw made of cabbage, MCT oil, olive oil, crushed garlic, onion powder, lime juice, Stevia and avocado.  I also had 1/2 oz. almonds.

I ate breakfast at 5 am, lunch at 11:30 am and dinner at 6:30 pm.  I did not feel like snacking after dinner.

I drank 72 oz. of water, but never within an hour before eating or an hour after eating, in order to not dilute my stomach acid.

If you are interested in getting a short synopsis of how this plan works, you can listen to Jimmy Moore interviewing JJ Virgin by clicking here.

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