Sunday, May 30, 2010


Jimmy Moore is sharing a great interview with the team behind the book, blog and podcast called “Healthy Mind, Fit Body” on this edition of The Livin La Vida Low-Carb Show. They are Kevin Koskella and Wes Bertrand! Listen in to hear this mustn’t miss episode full of fantastic discussions about all things low-carb living, including a look at the so-called China Study about vegetarianism.

This is a great interview, and I was particularly interested in their comments about Conventional Wisdom concerning topics like saturated fats, whole grains, the USDA food pyramid and calories.

An important topic that was brought up was the necessity of becoming our own health advocates, and not just blindly accepting what we hear about health and nutrition on the evening news.

Diabetes was discussed, as was the attitude of the American Diabetes Association that tells people to continue to eat high carb and low fat, which studies have shown to be the cause of Type 2 Diabetes, and to just take enough insulin to compensate for their "mysterious" blood sugar spikes.  Is the ADA seriously looking for a cure, or are they just advocating the use of drugs to manage symptoms?

The guys also talked about The China Study, and the fallacies that are being promoted by its across-the-board acceptance by vegetarians and vegans.  One interesting point:  New vegans will say that they feel so good eating a vegan diet, that it must be good for them.  However, it was pointed out, if a person goes from eating the Standard American Diet (highly processed food, high fat and high carb), switching to a vegan way of eating will certainly bring health benefits.  It's the long term health benefits or detriments that must be seriously considered and investigated before embracing such a radical way of eating, one that goes against the way that human beings have eaten since the beginning of the human race, and, indeed were designed to eat.

To listen to the interview, right click here.

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