Friday, May 14, 2010


It was a pretty rough night last night. The pain was severe and the pain medicine took an hour to start working. But after about 40 minutes, I started getting restless legs so bad I thought I would scream. I then remembered that, while I was in the hospital, I was having that problem, too, where the agitation was so bad in my right leg that it was jumping about every 30 seconds all by itself. The only thing in common with then and now was that pain medication.

I called the pharmacy, and it turns out that a side effect of this drug is excitability and agitation. I guess I won't be taking any more of it.

I am pain free this morning, but groggy and nauseated from the drug. I hope this is over soon!
Supposedly, it takes a few months for all the pain and other stuff to go away, and it gets better each month as the tumor gets smaller and smaller.

The Tramadol I took yesterday is not the best, but I also have some Norco left, plus I have extra strength Tylenol which is prescription strength. I took one of those an hour ago, but it did not help that I can tell. Next time I'll try two of them.

I spent a very painful day lying down on the recliner, feeling so nauseated that if I turned my head from one side to the other, I would feel like I was going to vomit. Finally, around 10, I had to call my husband home from work to cook me some breakfast. I had gotten up to take some Pepto Bismol, and got so sick I had to lie down quickly.

Extra Strength Tylenol helped take the edge off the pain, but that's all.

So I had scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast and a handful of almonds. At lunch time I had a few bites of leftover chicken salad and leftover salad, and at dinner I had two grilled chicken legs and more salad, and a few bites of leftover asparagus and Brussels sprouts with butter. We also had some cheese chips made with parmesan and romano cheese. For dessert, a few ounces of fresh strawberries.

It's only 8 pm here, but I've had a rough day, and I think I'll go ahead and go to bed and read until I get sleepy. I think I'll take a couple of the Tylenol to ward off the middle of the night pain.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day! At least I don't have to work or have any other commitments for the next few days.

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