Monday, May 31, 2010


I can't believe that I am less than a pound away from taking my next "after" photo!  I take one each time I lose 5 pounds, and the last one, at 140 pounds, was taken on July 23, 2009!  That was ten months ago!

I had my interview with Jimmy Moore from The Livin La Vida Low-Carb Show this morning.  It will air on August 31, 2010 as part of a week of weight loss stories.  Of course, I woke up with a little bit of a sore throat, so my voice was froggy, and by the time we finished taping, my temperature was up to 99.7!  I think it went pretty well, but I thought of a few things that I wanted to mention that got left out.  I wanted to talk about how much the Atkins forum has meant to me, the importance of being your own health advocate, statin drugs, why I started this blog and what I hope to accomplish here, and a few other things.  Oh, well...  Next time!  Maybe if I get famous, he'll have me on again some day!

Okay, I overate today!  The ribs that Bill brought back home were just so tasty, and my weight was down, so I indulged myself.  Hopefully, it will not have too big of an impact on my weight or general progress.  I was still so sore that I broke down and took a couple of Ibuprofen before bed.  I hate to take drugs in general, but I particularly hate to take these pills, because they make me retain water.

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