Friday, April 15, 2011


I saw my new doctor today, and here is what he told me:

arthroscopic rotator cuff repair

subacromial decompression

distal clavicle excision

bicep tenotomy

These are the surgical procedures that need to be done to my right shoulder as soon as possible. Evidently, the jerkk doctor from Monday was also stupid, because he did not even look at the MRI pictures, and barely glanced at the MRI report.

I have an 80% thickness tear of my supraspinatus tendon (part of the rotator cuff), which means the rotator cuff is holding on by a thread and could tear the rest of the way at any time.

I have a bone spur that is sticking into the muscle and causing inflammation and damage to the muscle.

My shoulder is frozen. Scar tissue has fused the top of my arm bone to my shoulder socket.

Because of everything else, my bicep has been damaged and needs repair.

So.... I am scheduling surgery on Monday.

They are going to punch three holes in my arm for a camera and instruments. They are going to shave off the bone spur and carve the bone out underneath it to make more room for the supraspinatus, so it will not be compressed.

They are going to cut off all the torn edges of my rotator cuff, drill into my shoulder bone and put titanium anchors in to stabilize the stitches that will sew my rotator cuff back together.

They will remove my bicep from the spot that it is compressed in and resew it where it will be free to move.

They will cut through all the adhesions in my shoulder socket, releasing the frozen shoulder.

Due to my past history of post-op complications, they are not going to do the surgery in the surgical center, but are going to do it at the hospital, where I might be able to stay overnight if I am having problems.

All in all... gruesome and frightening.

For six weeks after surgery, I have to wear a pillow sling:

For that six weeks, I also have to sleep sitting up in a chair.

For the six weeks after that, I have to wear a regular sling.

Physical therapy starts two weeks after surgery and continues for six months, at which time I hope to regain 85-90% of the use of my shoulder.

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