Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I finished my fifth week of The 6-Week Cure For the Middle-Aged Middle. 

In this past week, I suddenly gained a few pounds of water weight and several inches, probably due to the stress of my shoulder injury and possibly from the inflammation caused by it.  So my charts look pretty bad, but I know it was not because of the way I am eating.

Each day, I had breakfast, lunch and dinner of real, whole, fresh food.  I did not have any dairy during this past week.  Here is the breakdown of what I ate each day and the averages for this past week:

In the past week, I have:

Gained 2.875" total
Lost 0.125" around my midriff
Gained 1" around my waist
Gained 1.375" around my navel
Gained 0.125" around my hips
Gained 0.125" around my thigh
Gained 0.125" around my calf

(The next few charts should be dated April 12, not April 5.)

Gained 0.016 points onto my waist-to-height ratio
Lost 0.023 points onto my waist-to-hip ratio

 Gained 1.4 points onto my body fat percentage
Lost 1.4 points off my lean body mass percentage

Gained 2.5 lbs. of body fat
Lost 1.1 lbs. of lean mass
Gained 1.4 lbs. on the scale

Gained 0.2 points onto my BMI

Weeks completed:5
Weeks to go:1

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