Tuesday, March 22, 2011


 I finished Weeks 1 and 2 of The 6-Week Cure For the Middle-Aged Middle. 

Each day, I had three shakes and one meal.  I was prepared to be hungry a lot, but was surprised that I didn't really experience any real hunger until 15 minutes or so until a meal or shake.  Next week, I will eat three regular meals of whole foods.  It was nice not to have to track or think about food, but I am looking forward to eating regularly again!

 Here are the averages of what I ate for this past two weeks from Fitday.com:

1433 calories
94.3g fat (59%)
128g protein
18.1g total carbs
8.6g fiber
9.5g net carbs

In these past two weeks, I have:

Lost 5.625" total
Lost 0.125" around my neck
Lost 0.25" around my bust
Lost 0.25" around my bicep
Lost 0.625" around my midriff
Lost 1" around my waist
Lost 0.625" around my navel
Lost 0.75" around my hips
Lost 0.75" around my thigh
Lost 0.125" around my calf

Lost 0.016 points off my waist-to-height ratio
Lost 0.010 points off my waist-to-hip ratio

Lost 2 points off my body fat percentage
Gained 2 points onto my lean body mass percentage

Lost 4 lbs. of body fat
Gained 1 lb. of lean mass
Lost 3 lbs. on the scale

Lost 0.5 points off my BMI

 Weeks completed:2
Weeks to go:4

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