Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Cigarettes & Melted Chocolate...  Her two favorite things?  Two of the things she has given up since going low carb?  What covers her chair-side table after a long night watching chick flicks?  I have no idea why Red Ria's blog has this title, but I'm planning on asking her!  In the meantime, I am too busy looking at all the great recipes, occasional rants and flashes of low carb wit and wisdom that grace the pages of this blog from "across the pond."

I know Red Ria from my old days as a regular on the Atkins Community Forum, and I really enjoyed her posts there, but I had no idea what a great writer she was (and is) and I'm looking forward to the next insightful and wacky thing that comes out of her fun-loving mind!

Her most recent post, "The Toast Rant..." is funny and so true.  If you want a chuckle and a kick in the bum at the same time, read this post and get hooked!

Welcome to my blogroll, Ria!  What will you come up with next?

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