Friday, March 5, 2010


Over the next week, I managed to lose a few pounds, which was mostly water I had gained on vacation. But is still weighed only a few pounds less than when I started a year ago. Very discouraging!

Then the new book came out on March 2, 2010, and I am a success story in it! You can read my story by right clicking here. Reading the book was so encouraging, and I felt like I wanted to just forget the past year and pretend I was a new person just starting Atkins for the first time! For the past four months, I had been eating around 1,650 calories, 66% fat and 14 net carbs and could not lose weight. I wanted to start again, eating 20 net carbs, 1,650 calories with 70% fat. But I was afraid that if I could not lose weight on 14 net carbs, I would most certainly gain weight on 20! I was really scared!

After communicating with Colette Heimowitz once again, it was concluded that I had probably reached a set point with my weight, and adding calories or net carbs would not make me gain. So I took a deep breath and decided that, on March 7th, I would start eating more.

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