Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I slept pretty good last night. No pain and no hemorrhaging. I was still pretty "ill" with the latter until I went to bed. I woke up several times in the night just from nerves, but managed to keep falling back asleep pretty quickly.

For the past two days, the pain has started around 10-11 in the morning, so I'm nervously watching the clock...

And here's the rub - I gained 0.2 pounds since yesterday! Now that defies the laws of physics, as far as I'm concerned!

I spoke to my hormone doctor, who told me that my bio-identical hormone replacement is not to blame for my fibroid tumor(s). So that is good news.

He also felt that I did not have an allergic reaction to the Morphine, but rather had a drop in blood pressure due to being vasically (sp) constricted due to hemorrhaging. So the Benadryl just sort of jump started me back to normal blood pressure.

I decided to go back to the doctor who did my other fibroid surgery in 1998 to have him do this one, too. I have an appointment with his nurse practitioner on April 9 to have another ultrasound done, and then they will schedule the surgery.

So, in the meantime, getting my strength back. So far, so good this morning - no problems of any kind except headache and backache.

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