Sunday, August 7, 2011


I have spent the last few days at my sister's house, eating small meals and only 25 total carbs per day.  I have been testing my blood sugar now and then, and it is always between 83 and 118, which is pretty normal, but could be lower for better health.

Tonight, I just had that feeling that I had to know one way or another what would happen if I ate something high in carbs.  So, after a normal, low carb day of eating, I ate a hot fudge sundae.  I don't even know the last time I had something like this.  Looking at, my best guess is that it contained around 70 total carbs.  I tested myself, one hour after eating the sundae, with my glucometer, and it said my blood glucose was 176.

So I have been freaking out for the past hour, reading everything I can, and now, two hours after starting to eat the sundae, my blood glucose is down to 117.

Everything I have read tonight has said that normal one hour postprandial blood glucose is less than 140.  It was as high as 176, then dropped pretty quickly back down to 117.  I have no idea what all of this means.  It's Sunday evening, so I can't call anyone (like a doctor) to find out if I am in trouble.


  1. I'm sure you're fine if it went down pretty fast. You worry too much!

  2. Some of this may fall into that category we touched on last week about low carbers needing to carb load for a few days prior to a glucose tolerance test.
    Because we don't eat a lot of carbs our bodies don’t make enough of the enzymes needed to process a high load with the same efficiency as someone who eats high carb all the time.

    Did you listen to the interview Jimmy Moore did with the woman from Blood Sugar 101?
    She did talk about how Metformin can be used for weight loss for people that are not diabetic. Jimmy said he had tried it but it did not work for him and he is not diabetic.

    I know in DANDR the good Doctor himself talks about Metformin being a useful tool for weight loss with Diabetics on a low carb diet that are having severe metabolic resistance too. (In the diabetes section)

  3. I googled "Metformin for insulin resistance" and found this:

    Im sure there is more out there.

    I am thinking of talking to my doc about this. My trigs are still high (150 - 175) after a year and a half of low carbing and my fasting BG levels are usually around 90-95.

    So frustrating.

  4. Thanks for all of the info you have posted, Stephanie! I had not heard of the interview with Blood Sugar 101, so I will find it and listen to it. Coincidentally, I was on www.bloodsugar101 last night and I learned a lot, part of which that what my blood sugar is doing is not normal, and possibly pre-diabetic, which could explain why I can eat the same meal as my sisters, and they will maintain their weight and I will gain 2 pounds over night. Plus, I tested my sister's blood glucose an hour after she ate a whole chocolate bar, and it was only 86. Last night, mine was 176. I'm going to get to the bottom of this by hook or by crook! I have also been considering starting Metformin. Thanks again!

  5. What those high number really mean is that you cannot eat those food again. Period. Unless you want to go blind, have complications, and die young.

  6. Gotcha, Fred! What really got me was knowing the times in the past that I have eaten that much and more, and knowing now how high my blood sugar was going during those times and I had no idea!

    Obviously, it is not something I did more than a few times per year, but, still...

    Lesson learned! Thanks for your comment.