Sunday, August 29, 2010


Well, I am not happy.  I tried just eating and not tracking my food for these past few weeks, and not getting on the bathroom scale every day to see how I am doing.  I just ate the right things in a normal amount without weighing my food and entering everything on Fitday.  August 3rd was the last day that I tracked, and since that day, I have gained 4.2 pounds on the scale, and I have gained almost 2 inches around my midriff, waist, navel and hips.

I guess I am not to be trusted.  I guess I have no idea how to eat naturally.  I am really upset about this.  Each week that I was gaining, I told myself to relax and not stress about it, and I would go merrily on my way, eating and trying to be normal, just to find at the end of each week that I had gained again.  Some people have said that to weigh yourself every day will cause stress that will keep you from losing weight.  I have always thought that I needed the accountability of the daily weigh in to keep me on track.  I guess I was right.

So now I am going back to tracking and weighing every bite of food that goes in my mouth.  I am going to eat 1500 calories per day for this next week, with 117g fat, 78g protein, 35g carbs, 15g fiber, 20g net carbs, and at least 12g veggie net carbs.  Basically, I am going back to Atkins Induction.  And I am going to get on the scale every morning.

Here is the thing that is the most upsetting - Even if I do all of this faithfully, I still may not lose weight.  My hormones are still messed up, and I just found out that my new thyroid replacement is not working.  A recent routine blood test showed that my thyroid is so low it almost cannot be measured.  So am I gaining weight again because I am eating wrong or because my thyroid is so low?  There is no way to know, and so I am going to drive myself crazy again with all the tracking in an effort to lose weight, which may not even work.

This is all very frustrating, to say the least!

As far as this blog goes, even though I am tracking my food and weight every day on Fitday and my own spreadsheets, I am only going to post my results here once a week. 


  1. Hi Rebecca - Just heard your great podcast with Jimmy. You were great. I can really relate to your frustrations. After losing 13 lbs on the Belly Fat Cure (low sugar/controlled carbs), I've just lost a lot of my motivation.

    I also have thyroid issues but my body makes an excess of Reverse T3. When I am taking T3 I can finally lose weight! My temp is normal at the moment so I'm no longer taking it, which is kinda a bummer b/c losing weight is again so much harder.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience. We'll find a solution that works if it's the last thing we do!

    (PS. The spelling nerd in me has to point out that "occasional" is spelled wrong in your header. Easy fix.)

    All the best!

  2. Hi, Carbzilla! Thanks for listening to the interview. Yep, thyroid issues can be a real pain! The hardest part is hearing so many different views on how to solve the problem. I'm still trying to get to the bottom of the whole thing.

    Since the interview, which was recorded a couple of months ago, my thyroid meds have stopped working, and my levels are off the charts low, and I have started gaining weight again. GRRRR!!!! I have a doctor's appointment in a couple of days, so I hope to get some satisfaction!

    Thank you so much for the editing! I am also a stickler, and hate that there is a typo in my header. Sadly, it is not easily fixed, for it is a jpg that I created in Photoshop, and to fix it, I have to redo the whole thing. As it is, it is a flat photo with no components that I can correct. I do want to go back and redo it anyway, to make it wider to fit in the header spot. When I get around to that, I'll fix the typo. Hopefully, you and I are the only ones who know that it's there! LOL!