Sunday, August 22, 2010


In case you didn't notice, I stopped posting a daily report on August 3rd.  I'm just sick of tracking, and I wanted to go for a while just eating the types of food I am supposed to eat and see if I can reduce my stress.

So, now I am weighing and measuring once a week, on Sunday, and posting that result here.

If you are curious what I am eating, you can look at some of my old menus, because they are what I am eating now.


  1. Becca I completely understand that!!

    That is what I love now, Just eating and living. I actually think I eat better now without trying to count nano carbs.

    Hope you are well!!

  2. Thanks, Baylor! Sadly, I guess it turns out that I cannot eat like you do. At least, not yet. Read my post titled "NOT TRACKING IS NOT WORKING", dated August 29, 2010. I'm so sad...