Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have tried so many times to stop weighing myself on the bathroom scale.  It can be so discouraging!  My problem is that when the scale is down, I think, "Yay!  Now I can afford to eat more!"  And when the scale is up, I think, "Dang!  Well, as long as eating less is not working, I might as well eat more!"

As you know, I have been using the online body fat calculator (look to the right and scroll down to the yellow box), and the body fat calculation is based on height and body measurement, and not weight.

For instance, if you put in your height and measurements and put in your weight at 200 pounds, it will give you the percentage, let's say, 30%.  But if you change the weight to 100 pounds, it will still say 30%.  Now, you still have to put a weight into the calculator to get it to work, but you can just make up a number.

Since my body fat percentage and body measurements have been going down, it is obvious that I am losing fat and gaining muscle.  And yet, on the scale, it looks like I am "gaining weight."  Which I am, of course, but it's muscle, not fat.

If all I was doing was weighing myself every day, I would think that I am getting fatter.

So, if the scale says one thing, but your body measurements say another, which do you believe, and which is even worth looking at?  Here are charts that show how my waist, neck and hip measurements, and, therefore, my body fat percentage, are going down, but my weight is going up:

If you were me, and you were just going by the bathroom scale, would you believe that you were making progress?  I never did.

So here is what I am going to do - No more bathroom scale!  I am going to continue to measure every day and that's all!  If there is anyone out there who thinks there is any benefit to continue weighing, let me know!

I used to say that my goal was 130 pounds.  Now I say that my goal is to have a waist measurement of 26.5", a neck measurement of 12.25" and a hip measurement of 37.25".  If I get there, my body fat percentage will be 25%.  Will I weigh 130 pounds?  Will I weight 150 pounds?  Who cares?

To reach my goal, I need to lose 4-1/2" from around my waist, 1/8" from around my neck and 2" from around my hips.

Here is another good thing about going by measurements instead of the scale:  Scale weight can go up and down every day, by a pound or more.  I have gained and lost up to five pounds in just one day!  That is so discouraging, and is enough to make me go on a binge.  But I have found that my measurements stay pretty much the same day to day, with only 1/8" or 1/4" difference in one day. 

The last time I weighed myself was five days ago on Friday, February 4, 2011.  Staying off the scale has done wonders for my mood and my feeling of well being and accomplishment.  My stress level is low, and I am not feeling obsessed about that stupid little number.

Right now, I'm thinking that maybe I will weigh again in one month.  But then, why should I?  I have my body measurements to show my progress or lack thereof.  What difference does it make what the scale says?

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