Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The sidewalk is usually lower than the landing.  The highest point of the drift outside our front door is around 3 feet deep.  Our front yard is two levels, with the lower level about 4.5 feet deeper than the upper level.  Today, there is at least 2 feet of snow on the upper level, and 6.5 feet of snow on the lower level.  The yard is now level.

You can see the red car across the street mostly covered with snow.  The igloo in front of the car is our neighbors' other car.  Why they did not put the cars in the garage last night is a mystery.

The snow is above the glass on our back deck door.

The deepest snow on our deck is around 2 feet deep.

We've heard that some people can't get out of their houses, due to drifts that totally cover their doors.  Our drift is only 14" deep.


  1. Great pictures. I live in the Seattle area, our winter has been very mild (despite the weather guessers telling us we were in for a brutal winter due to La Nina or El Nino or whatever.)
    We even had a couple of days with no rain! The sun came out and it was dry enough to put the top down on my car!
    I love winter convertible days!
    Hope you guys are safe and warm in all of that snow.

  2. I was safe and warm all day. My husband was safe and cold outside all day!