Monday, July 5, 2010


This is an excerpt from The Female Body Breakthrough by Rachel Cosgrove:


Once you have a clear picture of what you'll feel like, what you'll look like, what you'll wear, and how empowered and confident you'll be, make a fist with your dominant hand while you have the picture in your head.  Start to connect that vision with your fist.  This is a very powerful tool for when you may be tempted to make an excuse.  Any time you need to refocus, simply close your eyes and make a fist, and the vision will pop into your head, reminding you of the feeling you'll have when you reach your goal.  

One of my clients told me that she was at a buffet party and everyone was eating and drinking.  She'd been so focused on her goal and feeling so good, but she started to think about taking one night off and enjoying the food and drinks.  However, she stopped herself, closed her eyes for a second, made a fist, and her vision popped into her head.  She had a great time at the party without eating or drinking anything she knew would sabotage her progress, and she came home feeling even more empowered because she had not given in.  She came in the gym the next day exclaiming, "It worked!  The fist worked!"

From Rebecca:

I actually tried this today for the first time.  We were at a store and I felt like I wanted to eat something, and there was a snack bar there.  All they had there was junk, and I knew I should not eat any of it.  So I made a fist and felt empowered to walk past without getting anything.  It felt pretty good!  We left that store and went to Jimmy John's Sub Shop and I had an Unwich, which is a sandwich made as a lettuce wrap instead of bread.

By the way, I am reading Rachel's book to learn about weight lifting for women.  Her diet advice is low fat and high carb, so I will not be following her eating plan.


  1. Nice blog site Rebecca! Just found yours thru Jimmy Moore. Your success is inspiring especially since I just changed my diet from high carb to low carb. I really like the fist visual too! So many family functions during the summer means temptation everywhere, so it's a real battle. Carbs are so addicting. By the way, I'm 5'9" 175 and my goal weight is 160 - what I weighed in my 20's (am now 54).
    I'll keep tabs - Jay

  2. Thanks, Jay! I'll be interested to hear how this visual works for you!