Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I once saw some before and after photos in a diet book. The men and women were posing in swimsuits, and the results were amazing! I decided to take a before photo of me at my highest weight, even though it was hard to do. I wanted to be able to really see the difference after I lost weight. And I wanted to have proof that I had lost weight in case someone said, “Oh, you were never overweight!” I was too shy to take a photo wearing a swimsuit, so I put on form-fitting workout clothes. Each time I lose five pounds, I put those same clothes on and my husband takes my picture, with me standing in the same spot and in the same position. The last one was taken at 3 o’clock in the morning, because my husband was leaving town. I got up, got on the scale, got dressed, took the picture, and then went back to bed!

I really suggest to everyone that you get before pictures as soon as you start Atkins. I know it might be embarrassing, but you will be glad later, when you have lost that extra weight. And besides, just because you take the picture does not mean you ever have to show it to anybody…

Take your measurements, too. The scale does not tell the whole story!

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